The Hampton Roads Radio Control, Inc. was established in 1977


The Hampton Roads Radio Control, Inc. organization is an association of aircraft modelers dedicated to the promotion, education development and enjoyment of radio controlled model aviation.  We ensure the availability of organization, education, recognition, training, competition, and safety for the development and pleasure of aero modelers.  We advocate personal and team development, promote safety, protect the environment, and provide training through a broad spectrum of assistance programs.  We provide leadership, organization, and friendship to promote and communicate the sport of radio controlled model aviation to our members, community, and friends.  We actively participate in and support community and AMA programs.

Our Vision

We are the Hampton Roads Radio Control, Inc., a non-stock, non-profit corporation dedicated to the pleasures and challenges of building and flying radio control model aircraft through mutually supportive and organized programs. We provide representation for the sport of radio control model aviation for those interested through community and national organizations for the purpose of continuity and support. We are a sport radio control model aviation organization representing members from all walks of life, of all age groups, from all income brackets that easily and actively integrate into camaraderie of aviation enthusiasts. We provide for member development through training programs and stewardship assignments both formal and informal that are designed to enhance proficiency, interest, pride, safety, and friendship.We promote flying site safety and protection through education, environmental awareness, mentoring, and prescribed safety control measures. We promote the sport or radio control model aviation through school programs, community shows, sister organization interaction, and fun and competitive events. We are committed to enhancing the sport of radio control model aviation through education, community awareness, and service programs with the primary objective of long-term continuation and advancement of the sport through promotion programs for adults and children. We promote interest for fellow aero modelers through sanctioned events of competition, fun flying, shows, social gatherings, demonstrations, and swap meets. Our leadership provides support for the sport through a process of quality improvement, commitment, development, and involvement.  They are the advocates for the provision of a safe and enjoyable environment.


Guiding Principals

We exist to promote the sport of radio control model aviation for the Hampton Roads, Tidewater Virginia area. We ensure safety, camaraderie, mutual support, education, and enjoyment for our members, guests, friends and neighbors. We are first and foremost committed to meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our members, community, supporters, and friends. WE WILL:

  • Accomplish our mission in an atmosphere of mutual trust and support, integrity, and teamwork.
  • Remain a non-profit, non-stock corporation of the Commonwealth of Virginia to enhance the recreational and education aspects of our sport.
  • Treat all people equally with courtesy, respect, and compassion.
  • Constantly search for ways to advance our sport and support our members and community.
  • Foster personal development, growth in knowledge and skills, and promote friendship.
  • Be good neighbors and stewards of the environment.
  • Use resources wisely.


Strtegic Goals

  • We will seek every opportunity to provide support for and advance the sport of radio control model aviation.
  • We will develop a responsive and effective training and mentoring program.
  • We will seek to increase active membership and involvement in the sport.
  • We will attain and promote excellence in training, education, and communications.
  • We will improve the quality of services and promote enjoyment of the sport to all interested.
  • We will protect, maintain, and improve the quality of our flying site to provide a safe and pleasurable environment.
  • We will achieve effective and efficient leadership and organization.
  • We will use our resources wisely.
  • We will embrace and actively implement the precepts of quality leadership and quality improvement for our organization and sport.
  • We will be involved in service to our community.



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