When it comes to our sport, you have many options on how to go about acquiring an aircraft. Aircraft comes from scratch build kits where all you get is the plans up to ready to fly (RTF) where all you need is to take it out off the box and it is ready to taxi. Once you added fuel or batteries of course. This albums show various builds in various stages from our members. Hopefully you can find some inspiration for your next aircraft.

Travis decided to go with the Greatplanes Almost ready to fly (ARF) version of the Waco-YMF5. He said the kit was great to work with, clear detailed instructions made it simple to assemble and get it flight ready. Flight trainer Kenny took it up and trimmed it out on its maiden flight, with a little help from Mrs. Quinn!


Travis has decided to tackle an OV1 Mohawk by Park Flyer Plastics. The kit is a laser cut short kit that came with the plastics and plans. When finished it will have a 59" wing span and be 47" inches in length. So far he has most of both wings assembled. He says it does feel a little overwhelming at times but is taking his time and asking alot of questions. He promises to keep us updated as the build continues.

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